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Alptegin Albayraktaroğlu, MA


Director / Business Development & Finance













Alptegin is responsible for managing the company and building long-term relationships with our clients. He undertakes the legal duties of Primus OSGB towards the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. He oversees Marketing, Business Development, HR and Finance.


Before founding Primus, Alptegin worked for Accenture and Metro Cash and Carry in Turkey, having taken Management Consulting and Financial Controlling 



Alptegin holds a BS degree in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and an MA degree in Strategy and International Management from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Management and Organization at Bogazici University.

Op. Dr. İsmail Albayraktaroğlu

Medical Director













Op. Dr. Albayraktaroğlu is responsible for the execution and quality of Primus Occupational Health services. Accordingly, he oversees Operations and Medical HR functions at the company.


Before pioneering the establishment of Primus Occupational Health, Op. Dr. Albayraktaroğlu worked as a General Surgeon at public sector hospitals in various cities of Turkey for 25 years. During his service at the public sector, he has taken up positions such as Head Doctor and investigator (for legal cases related to medical practice).


After his retirement from public service at the beginning of 2012, he worked as an 

Occupational Physician for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey for over three years. He currently serves as an occupational physician for Aktül Kağıt and Yıldız Granini on behalf of Primus Occupational Health. During his assignments, he has rigorously applied the regulatory requirements and the Western literature on Occupational Health.


Op. Dr. Albayraktaroğlu holds an MD degree from Ankara University School of Medicine and earned his specialization in General Surgery from Istanbul Hospital for Training and Research.

About us

Primus is an LLC with Common Health & Safety Unit (OSGB) legal status set by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


With the depth of our services in our subject focus Occupational Health, we are a pioneer provider in our field. We add substantial value to Human Resources and Health & Safety processes of our clients with our unique value proposition in occupational health.


Our vision is to be the primary provider of choice for mid-sized and major manufacturing companies in Turkey.


Our mission is to deliver our services with the highest possible quality, in accordance with ethical standards. In fulfilling our mission, we are inspired by the discipline of continuous improvement, which has been developed by the best manufacturing practices in the world over decades.

© 2018 Primus İş Sağlığı Danışmanlık ve Ortak Sağlık Güvenlik Birimi Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey - Our founding partner has 3 years of work experience with the company prior to the establishment of Primus.


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