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Services for every stage of employment

Pre-employment screening
Occupational Health Services Audit
Psychologist employment
Psychotechnic & psychometric testing

We aim to serve the major manufacturers of Turkey in pre-employment health screening.

We support our staff deployed on the client site by our continuous central coordination & reporting system. We adapt our accumulated knowledge for your service via our staff.

We widen your perspective on Occupational Health by employing part-time psychologists.

Occupational Physician & health staff employment
Occupational Safety Specialist employment

Client health conditions are audited according to legal directives and HS&E literature.

We minimize occupational accident risks by assessing client employees from a wide perspective.

We produce actionable analyses regarding client health conditions.

Ergonomics, occupational diseases, disease prevention principles, biological risk factors, psychosocial risk factors, first aid trainings.

Resources & Case Studies

Case study

Sakarya, January 2016 - Automotive Case Study related to Primus procedure on recruitment suited to industry & process needs.

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